Solvent Cement
We are offering Solvent Cement. Solvent Cement, that we provide, is a clear, low voc emission, medium bodied, fast setting and high strength solvent cement for all flex to flex and flex to rigid pipe and fittings. The Solvent Cement is specially formulated to contain an elastomer, which provides great joint flexibility. We offer different varieties of Solvent Cement for diverse applications. Detailed directions on making solvent cemented joints are printed on the container label.
Advantages Of Solvent Cement
It cures rapidly with the dissipation of solvent at room temperature, resulting in a very strong, flexible, water resistant bond.
It is widely used in all aspects of the pool & spa industry, including, but not limited to, pump, pipe, fittings and valves connections, as well as for bonding PVC hose to rigid PVC fittings.
It is also excellent for joining flexible vinyl to itself.

Types Of Solvent Cement Availability In Metal Cans  
PVC solvent cement
CPVC solvent cement
UPVC solvent cement
100 ml  
250 ml
500 ml
30 liters
40 liters
200 liters
Additional Information

  Min. Order Quantity 500 Kilogram