The Products developed by AVUDAI SURFACE TREATMENTS PVT LTD. are approved by Major Industries, Government and Semi government Sectors due to our cordial customer relationship, and strict quality policies, most of the major clients took reference from our existing customers.
The AVUDAI SURFACE TREATMENTS PVT LTD. is progressing gradually by proven track record in the supply of chemicals in the global market with very high reduction in cost.

The AVUDAI SURFACE TREATMENTS PVT LTD. is located in Chennai, Tamilnadu- India, in the outskirts of well-known Ambattur Sidco industrial Area, and its office is located in Anna Nagar.
The AVUDAI SURFACE TREATMENTS PVT LTD. is having branch operation in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India.
Industrial Usage Our metal surface treatment chemicals find diversified usage in several industries, such as the following:
Air Conditioner Manufacturing Unit
Automobile Industries
Container Manufacturing Units
Electrical Panel Manufactures
Genset Manufacturing Units
  Plot No 54, 1st floor, Rukumani Nagar,
4th Street, Poonamallee, Chennai - 600 056. India.
(Backside to GRT Jewellers)
Mobile : +91 9444147079, 9444306333
Landline : 044 - 26274312, 26274313, 26494340
E-mail :

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